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Need a trusted commercial real estate broker to support your business? Choose Land Brokers LLC.

If you are looking to address organizational needs such as tenant representation, site selections, acquisitions or dispositions as well as investment properties, you can rely on Land Brokers LLC commercial real estate brokers to provide these services as well. We will work with you throughout the entire process, seeing the deal through to the end and serving as an advisor afterward and on future commercial property deals.

Our in-depth knowledge and desire to build a long-term relationship with our clients sets us apart from competitors who are eager to do whatever it takes to close, often to the detriment of their client. When you work with Land Brokers LLC, value is produced and risk is minimized. Your real estate goals are within reach with our range of realistic solutions catered to your needs — to lease, buy or build a commercial property. No matter your goal, Land Brokers LLC can keep you going places.

We offer the following real estate brokerage services:

Acquisitions and Dispositions

If you’re struggling to find the right commercial property, let Land Brokers LLC assist in your search. A Land Brokers LLC commercial real estate broker can identify unlisted property opportunities for you because of our extensive network connections in the Houston area. We will generate a list of business property options that fulfill all your needs, and arrange walkthroughs for properties of interest.

After you begin the acquisition, you can rely on us to facilitate due diligence and execution. We will be ready to assist with any needs during the acquisition process, including inspection or testing at the potential property.

Perhaps a previously acquired property no longer serves its purpose for your business, but you need insights on how to proceed. We work to achieve the full value for the property and can market the property in a way that maximizes visibility and return on investment.


If you’re deciding whether to lease, buy or build a commercial property, Land Brokers LLC commercial real estate brokers will present all the options available to you for consideration. Leasing gives you greater flexibility and you will not be responsible for maintenance or property management. We will cross-reference your property requirements and price range to find a suitable space for lease to house your business.

If you buy a property, you may choose to remodel or renovate the property as desired and potentially earn extra revenue if you chose to lease the property in the future. Before the purchase transaction, we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you are receiving the full value of the purchase price.

If properties listed for sale or lease do not fit your needs, you can opt to build a property that meets your specifications and requirements. Land Brokers LLC will assist in site selection and acquiring land for your project, and will be available throughout the construction process to guide and advise.

Tenant Representation

As a tenant, hiring representation that fully understands your immediate and future needs gives you leverage in commercial real estate transaction negotiations. Whether you are looking to make a move to a new lease location or need an advocate to help address issues with your commercial landlord, Land Brokers LLC is committed to providing excellent tenant representation.